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How to obtain a temporary NIE?

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If you are a European resident and you are planning to settle in Spain, you will need to obtain an NIE – provisional certificate or resident – (Foreign Identification Number). The NIE is mandatory for various steps in Spain such as open a bank account, the rental of a long-term apartment … However, you will need patience to obtain it, the steps are not very complicated in but they take time and must be understood to avoid even more wasted time. LocaBarcelona offers you today, a summary of the steps to take to obtain your NIE.

Request a provisional NIE

The temporary NIE is only valid for a period of 3 months, after this time you will have to apply for a permanent NIE. Note that requests for NIE can no longer be made outside Spain. You will have to go on site to a police station in Barcelona to do it. You must first make an appointment on the website of the Spanish public administration: Here
Once you are on the site, you must follow the following steps:

• Select “Barcelona” in the “provincias disponibles“.
• Select “Certificados U.E” in “Tramites CNP” then click on “Aceptar
• Select “Policia-certificados UE” in “tramites disponibles para la provincia seleccionada” then “Aceptar”
• On the following page you will find the list of documents required to obtain the NIE. Click on “Entrar”
• Then, in “Tipo de documento“, select “Passaporte” and enter your passport number, your first name, and your name then your country of nationality. Click on “Aceptar” after validating the “No soy a robot
• Click on “Solicitar cita” to find out which office you will have to go to with your documents.
• Choose the date and time of your appointment then write the reasons why you want to get an NIE
• Tick the boxes “Estoy conforme con la informacion mostrada en pantalla ” and “Deseo recibir un correo electronico con los datos de mi mita ”
• Finally, print your confirmation.

To know :

NIE applications are numerous and making appointments can be difficult. It may be that when choosing your date of appointment, the site announces that there are no dates available at this time. If this is the case, you must start filling out the form again until you have an appointment. Know that it is easier to get an appointment on Monday morning from 8:00.

Documents needed for the provisional NIE

How to obtain a temporary NIE? 13fb646f32214758cc512bb3ed17f1a3Once you have made your appointment, you must bring several documents before going to the office of your appointment:
• Your printed notice (your appointment)
• The form EX-15 complete in two copies, you can download it here: EX-15

• The modelo 790 codigo 012 complete in one copy. You can download it here: Modelo 790

• If you need help to complete the modelo 790 codigo 012 clicks here: Help Modelo 790

• Your passport and a photocopy of it
• A document justifying your request (different depending on your situation, see the tables below)
• Lastly, you expect about 10 € of fees (cash or credit card) that you will have to pay to the bank.

How to obtain a temporary NIE? NIE EN 2


You have your appointment and in your possession all your documents. It is now time to return to the police station you were assigned on the day of your appointment. Ask for information at the reception to know in which service you go (it may depend on your nationality).

Once in the good service, go to the counter. We will give you a number of passage, you can now wait your turn. When finally your number is called, go to the counter that will be indicated. Give your passport, the completed EX-15 form and your proof of application. The person will enter your data into their computer and give you a temporary NIE number.

Once you get a number and you go to the bank to pay the tax, no one can help you. If this is the case and you find yourself facing the kiosk without knowing what to do, follow these steps.

• Choose your language for instructions
• Insert your credit card into the terminal
• Select “payment” and enter your secret code.
• Then scan the barcode on your “Modelo 790” paper.
• Then, using the keypad (letter and numeric) enter the amount corresponding to the tax (9.64 € for a temporary NIE request as a trainee for example), then enter the NIE number that it was given to you just before. Be aware that the dashes should not be entered in the NIE number. For example, if your NIE number is “P-1267890-A”, you will enter the terminal this: “P1267890A”.
• Once done, confirm and pay. The machine will give you two small papers.

It is these little papers that must then be reported to the police station. You have to go to the ticket counter again and take a number and wait for your turn. Once your turn comes, give this paper along with your passport, a person will give you your completed EX-15 form. Unfortunately, it’s not over yet. To finally get your precious NIE, you must return the next day between 9h and 12h, give your completed form EX-15 and stamp by the police station (done the day before) and finally, you will be given a sheet with your NIE number.

Once all these steps have been completed (congratulations!), You will be able to obtain your provisional NIE.
Know that if this request seems to you too complex or that you do not have the time to realize it, there are agencies or individuals who can do your NIE for you.