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Tips for finding the perfect rental

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You have planned to come and settle in another country for your studies or work. However, it is difficult to choose an apartment when you do not know the country, the city and especially the neighborhood where your future home will be. There are also other aspects to be aware of, which is why Locabarcelona offers a list of tips for finding the perfect location!


1- Inquire about the agency

The first thing to do (once you have decided on your destination) is to find out about the agency you intend to go through. There are indeed some rogue agencies that will not hesitate to play on the fact that you are not connoisseur, location or real estate conditions, to rip you off.

Look at the reviews on the internet and social networks, try, as far as possible, to contact people who have used this agency. Also check that what the agency offers corresponds to your expectations (rates of agency fees, availability in case of problems in your apartment …).

Once you have found a correct agency, you can find out about other criteria.


2- Choose your neighborhood

Let’s assume you’ve decided on a city. A city is big, and there can be big disparities between each neighborhood of it. If you want to know more about the neighborhoods of Barcelona see our article: the neighborhoods of Barcelona

Also, remember to look at all the amenities surrounding your neighborhood. Transport networks, supermarkets nearby, car parks if you are transported, schools if you come with children … These details are very important and increase your comfort considerably especially if you are not comfortable with the language of the country.


Tips for finding the perfect rental questions3- Ask questions before the visit

You have found an apartment that seems to match you. However, there are many details that are often not visible on photos or videos and that are not mentioned in the descriptions of the apartments. Remember to ask the quality of the insulation (for peace and avoid paying very expensive heating for example). If possible, inquire about the status of your neighbors. Having young people who are often parties can be a very negative point if you seek calm or families with young children can be very quickly unpleasant.

Finally, find out about the amenities of the apartment. If you need a dishwasher for example or any other furniture in particular. The goal is not to be so demanding that you do not find an apartment, but to avoid unnecessary visits to you and the agency.


4- Carefully read the contract and conditionsTips for finding the perfect rental gdpr liste cocher

It is obvious that one must read one’s lease before any signature. You must be sure that the charges are included in your rent, for example, conditions of departure at the end of your contract, the possibility in case of problem of help from your agency … You must be at a current of all the “negative” aspects that may be in your future apartment.
Do not hesitate to ask all possible questions that will avoid surprises during or at the end of your stay.

5- Expect exactly the duration of your contract

Although you can (as far as possible) extend the length of your stay, if you wish to leave before the end of your contract, you must still pay until the date subscribed in your contract. It is essential if you do not want to add unnecessary expenses, correctly predict the length of your stay.


Tips for finding the perfect rental photo loupe6- Make a good check-in

During your check-in (your arrival in your apartment), not all the problems of the apartment in the contract. Signs of wear and humidity, defective equipment, lack of equipment if you rent a furnished apartment …
Also, note the condition of each piece of furniture and equipment.
You will have to leave your apartment in the same condition as you arrived so be specific not to pay for something that is not your fault.
Generally, the agencies leave you a lapse of time to warn them of any problem in your apartment that would not have been noticed during your check-in.


7- Enjoy your stay!

Now you have all the keys in your hands to avoid unpleasant surprises and have a great stay!

If you want to live in Barcelona but have not found your home yet, Locabarcelona offers many apartments for rent that are waiting for you!