Rentals condition for 3 to 11 months apartment

Rentals condition for 3 to 11 months apartment

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On this page you will find the economic conditions and the documents required to rent an apartment to 3 until 11 months.

Economic conditions


The contract and the keys will be delivered only after the payment of the following amounts:

  • Deposit: 2 months rent (3 to 11 months)
  • Current rent (full or proportional according to check in date)
  • Provision of monthly utilities (water, electricity and gas)
  • Agency fee ( depending on the lease term, see below)

Important: is not required to pay the full amount to reserve an apartment. See details on how to book an apartment.


1.1 Deposit


Whatever the duration of the lease, 3 to 11 months, the deposit to pay for a fully furnished apartment is two months rent. This is the minimum set by Spanish law for a fully furnished apartment.

As mentioned above, the deposit must be paid on the day of signing contract and delivery keys.

At the end of the contract, if the apartment is in the same conditions as when you entered, the deposit will back by bank transfer to a single bank account facilitated by the tenants.


1.2 Agency fee


Agency fees depend on the duration of the contract. They are paid only once, at the signing of the contract, and are calculated as follows:

– 3 to 5 months rental agency fee: 70% of a rent + VAT (21%) = RENT X 0,847

– 5 to 11 months rental agency fee: 100% of a rent + VAT (21%) = RENT X 1,21


1.3 Utilities


Utilities (water, electricity and gas) are not included in the rental price. Each month, in addition to rent, tenants must pay a provision that is a normal load forecast consumption, it depends on the number of tenant ( see below).

1 person: 90 € / mes
2 people: 130 € / mes
3 people: 160 € / mes
4 people: 200 € / mes
5 people: 240 € / mes
6 people: 280 € / mes

Be indicated on the lease the actual reading of each meter at the beginning and the end of the lease in order to calculate the actual consumption of tenants. They will be reimbursed if the difference (provision of real-load consumption) is positive or will be deduced from the deposit if it is negative.




  • National identity card or passport.
  • Main adress.

If student: certificate from the school / university.

If employee: last 2 payslips.

If entrepreneur: tax declaration.