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Students life in Barcelona – studies, work and apartment rental or sharing

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Students life – Studies, work and apartment rentals or sharing

It is well know, that young people are more adaptable. They adjust to their environment and to changes with ease. They fit solutions in their lives with astonishing swiftness. As an example, setting in their shared apartment rentals takes only days. They find a flat, settle and carry on building their future career along with the day job as if nothing. They are this interconnected and gifted generation that has deeply rooted in their dna the power of networking.

You would think that long hours studying might limit their income potential but it is just the opposite. In addition to adaptable they are born multi-taskers. They manage to make a living with small jobs while chatting with a fellow friend. And should they be multilingual, job offers will pour their way. The more exotic the native language the better.

You only have one job? oh i’ve got two, I need to make some extra cash, see. I’m looking into new apartment rentals in a more lively area of the city.

And Barcelona has become Europe’s hub for small jobs. Which come in handy for expats and foreign students. That is, when you have no particular career plans, either because you are too young, still studying or just freshly landed. From foodjobs to call centers. Name one Barcelona has it.

It is thus easy to understand that youth across Europe is fleeing to Gaudi’s city. It has even become a plus to add this line to your resumes experiences’ section. If you have been to Barcelona at some point during your younger period, you will be seen as being trendy, adaptable and yet adventurous. You are hipe! Barcelona is so cool.

In reference to the day to day in this attractive city, no matter how many hours you spend working and studying, in the middle of the busy day there is room to socialize around tapas and drinks anywhere downtown or improvise a beach session no matter the season. The spanish culture has developed a lot of stress-resilient moments, long before the word was even invented. Another irresistible delight of the city.

Even though we just claimed how incredibly resourceful this youth is, no one will refuse some help. Student apartment rentals in Barcelona change hands very quickly. Read these articles: “Cheap apartments in Barcelona” and Student accommodation in Barcelona” if you are looking for some piece of handy advice. May is one of the best month to resume your search.

And feel free to browse our student apartment rentals and call us any time.