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Owner: problem of unpaid with your tenant?

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You own and you have finally found, what seemed to be, the ideal tenant. However, it begins to be a few days late on his rent …
The famous question then arises: What if my tenant does not pay his rent?
Be aware that, unfortunately, in Spain and Barcelona in particular, almost all home eviction procedures are due to unpaid rents by tenants.

Faced with this situation, several solutions are available to you, to solve this problem. Locabarcelona helps you to manage this uncomfortable situation.

1st Solution: talk to your tenant

You can at first try to talk to your tenant to clarify the situation. The tenant may not be dishonest and faces some financial problems that will be regularized with a few days late.Owner: problem of unpaid with your tenant? photo3 15 e1498201406260
If the tenant has never caused you a problem, this is the first time that he has a delay on rent and he has a good reason for his delay but that it will be quickly settled, you can leave him a little more time. Remind him, for future rents, that he must pay in time to notify you if he will be a few days late.

However, you must remain vigilant and not be too lenient as some tenants take advantage of the deposit system, not to pay their last months of rent. This is illegal and can cost them a lot, but some will not hesitate despite the risks …

It may also be that your tenant ignores you and does not answer your calls. In this case, the situation is somewhat complicated.
The “burofax” is a service that can send urgent documents that may require evidence in front of third parties.
This document will serve as proof if the tenant ignores it and still does not pay his rent.

2nd Solution: Having recourse to justice

Your attempts to contact your tenant remain unanswered? Do you have no news of burofax? Your last option is to appeal to the courts to start an eviction procedure.

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To apply for eviction, you must bring all the documents Owner: problem of unpaid with your tenant? criminal justice system e1445239916679proving that your tenant has not paid you, as well as your lease. This is where the burofax comes in, it will give credibility to your request.
Once the request is made, it will be sent to the tenant. He will have to pay the rent (s) unpaid and return the keys of the apartment (in perfect condition) to the owner. Unfortunately, as with any legal process, it can take several weeks or even months to complete.

Once the tenant has received the eviction procedure, he will have 10 days to pay and return the keys. If however, it does not do anything, the tenant will have a judgment with justice.


If you are an owner and this kind of situation makes you reluctant to rent your property, know that going through a professional real estate agency like Locabarcelona, can be useful.

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