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Owner: How to arrange your apartment to promote its rental?

Owner: How to arrange your apartment to promote its rental? DECORATION INTERIEURE panoralarger 830x323

You own an apartment and you decided to offer it for rent. You want your apartment to be profitable and for that, it must be the most welcoming and friendly possible. Locabarcelona offers some tips, to make your apartment more attractive and therefore promote its rental.

General condition

Whether you offer your apartment for rent furnished or not, the general condition of it must be irreproachable. You must pay attention to various aspects, non-negligible, to promote the rental of your property.Owner: How to arrange your apartment to promote its rental? 8960104529950

At first, you must check the condition of the walls and floors of your apartment. An apartment with traces of wear or humidity will obviously be less attractive than an apartment without. But it is not necessary to completely renovate your apartment. You can invest a few hundred euros to redo the painting for example, so as not to have marks, tasks or other imperfections. For the floor, remember to maintain it with suitable products (polish wood, clean joints tile for example). As for humidity, install controlled mechanical ventilation, put silicone gaskets … All these details are not excessively expensive but make the difference.

You must, in a second step, check that all the installations are functional. Water, electricity, and gas must be operational. Check the hot water tank, air conditioning, and heating. Change the bulbs if they are burnt out and check that all the switches are working. Do not hesitate to repair or even change the faulty installations. This is essential if you want to rent your apartment quickly.


If you want to rent your furnished apartment, invest in simple and refined furniture. It is not mandatory to have designer furniture for your apartment to rent. The bottom line is that everything is functional and in good condition. To maximize your chances of renting your apartment, you must also think aboutOwner: How to arrange your apartment to promote its rental? 1513 deco cocooning 620x0 2 the decoration of it. The decoration must be in the image of the apartment, simple but pretty. Invest in plants, beautiful cushions, and bed linen brings a real added value to your property.

If your apartment is already furnished but more really to the tastes of the day, consider home staging. It consists of doing something new with old people. If some of your furniture is in good condition, a paint stroke can change everything. Use modern colors, white, gray, black to give them a fresh twist. For your sofas or chairs, change the cushions, put colorful and modern covers. This is very inexpensive, but completely changes the look of your apartment. All these details will enhance your apartment and make it more attractive. Many apartments in Barcelona are quite old and the owners do not make any special effort to make it more attractive.

Remember that by investing a little in your apartment, you will favor visits and therefore rentals.
An apartment in good condition, clean and well-decorated rents much faster than another. In addition, if the apartment is in perfect condition and well furnished, you can offer it at a higher price because the service will be more important.

It is not difficult to make your apartment more attractive, it requires little investment compared to the benefit you get. In addition, if you want to sell your property later, it will be more competitive and you will sell it much more easily.

If you are an owner and you want to rent your apartment, you can consult Locabarcelona offers.


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