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Cheap Apartments in Barcelona

Cheap Apartments in Barcelona

Just like in any other big city there is a market for, and of cheap apartments in Barcelona. More patience and time is required. Locabarcelona offers to be your seek and find partner. Each case its formula. For tenants and investors alike. For short-term or long-term rentals.

1st Market segment for cheap apartments in Barcelona: The student

Every year, universities, professional and technical schools welcome a brand new wave of students from all over the world. Their massive arrival may put at stake their resourcefulness to find cheap rents in Barcelona. The trick is when and where to look to strike the deal of year.

Our advice: begin researching as early as Spring. Check for moves and departures on public boards, websites and Fora of any educational entity and funding programme (i.e. Erasmus). And remember to check the craigslits for Barcelona or even any selling app for smartphones. Scholarship awarding entities will also assist. They may have a website for students to meet and exchange.

Finally, should budget allow, sign the lease under your name right away and start looking for room-mates. You’ll get to know people from all backgrounds and a variety of countries.

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Cheap apartment in Barcelona

2nd segment: The Long-term Renters

Your choice: not buying, you’d rather rent for a number of personal reasons. And a cheap apartment in Barcelona is what you’re aiming for, thus giving your budget some well deserved elasticity. The best areas in this case are a little eccentric. Nevertheless, Barcelona is a well connected modern city with an excellent public transportation network. Typically you may avoid tourist areas where the price is well above 15€/sq.m. In addition the well deserved tranquility of a long working day will mostly disrupted and not only in the high season.  Look for the end of subway lines. Take L1 for instance. From Plaça Espanya towards Bellvitge the sq.m drops from a litlle over 14€/sq.m. to below 12. At the opposite end, you´ll find one of the lowest prices of the city as the rule, with Trinitat Vella below 12 (currently 11.65€/sq.m.)

3rd and last market segment belongs to Investors

A cheap apartment in Barcelona can become a fine property. Neighbourhoods such as el Gotico, Raval and Poble Sec, to name a few, hide uncountable properties that deserve some work done to boost their value. Their location is already a serious plus to consider where a growing number of investors, individuals or companies, hunt for real estate to revamp. (Also read How to buy a flat in Barcelona and Why invest in Barcelona in 2017).

No reference is made to the quick reforms of the lowest quality type that came through the booming until 2008. Barcelona has among its streets craftsmen whose expertise has grown older. Like good wine. Add the finest materials to an art constantly reproduced and improved.

A slightly run-down apartment will be turned into a trendy and unique property easy to rent.