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Night life

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Friday night and still no idea of release. Have a drink in a bar, dance until the end of the night … and why not both? The nightlife in Barcelona is very developed and you will surely find a place…

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Top 5 best burgers in Barcelona

Top 5 best burgers in Barcelona burger 830x323

Burger lovers, you are looking for good addresses to be able to sustain your desires of delicacies, this article is made for you.With a nice piece of meat, melted cheese, and crunchy vegetables, the burger is still a classic of…

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Tips for moving to Spain

Tips for moving to Spain vivre espagne checklist expat2 830x323

You have decided to cross the course and settle in Spain but you still have some questions? Where to go? What to do before leaving your country? How and what to do once there? LocaBarcelona gives you some tips today. 1st step…

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