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Neymar Isn’t the only one that’s moving…

Neymar Isn’t the only one that’s moving… img mcorbera 20180309 202956 imagenes md efe zumaglobalseven086473 kvZG U441440371461z0G 980x554 MundoDeportivo Web 830x323

Neymar recently broke the football transfer record with his famous multi million pound move from Barcelona to Paris. Figures out for the first two quarters of 2017 show that the Barcelona Property | Real Estate market appears to be breaking…

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Expats Moving to Barcelona

moving-to-barcelona moving to barcelona Expats Moving to Barcelona moving to barcelona 830x323

You are moving to Barcelona to your new job or business or even school?  Then most probably you have a lot of questions about what to expect once you arrive. Where and how to meet people to build your community and…

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