March 2019

Why embark on temporary leasing?

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You are an owner and you want to rent your property. You have two options: temporary rental and long-term rental. But then, what are the advantages of temporary rental compared to long-term rental? If you are still undecided, Locabarcelona presents…

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2019 report on the real estate market in Spain

2019 report on the real estate market in Spain 8d7cfed52565e518f69d0bb453bfa649 830x323

The year 2019 is already well underway and the evolution of the real estate market in Spain is still uncertain.Will 2019 still be a good year to buy in Spain? Are the prices going up or down?Many factors make the…

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The markets of Barcelona

The markets of Barcelona 10 marches sont en lice en gironde 830x323

If you prefer to buy fresh produce, talk with traders and stroll along the stalls, you will be delighted by a large number of markets in Barcelona. There is indeed a multitude of different and varied markets to do your…

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Night life

Night life private tours barcelona by night 830x323

Friday night and still no idea of release. Have a drink in a bar, dance until the end of the night … and why not both? The nightlife in Barcelona is very developed and you will surely find a place…

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