February 2019

The emblematic places of Barcelona

The emblematic places of Barcelona non 830x323

Whether you are visiting Barcelona or where you live, some places are worth visiting and you must visit them! Not only museums to discover: parks, squares, markets, Barcelona offers a multitude of places more impressive than the others.We propose to you…

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Museums to discover

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Barcelona is a city rich in culture and history. Many museums are there, it is here that famous artists, such as Gaudi, have left their traces. You will find museums with a variety of exhibitions as well as iconic works.We…

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Barcelona: Parks and Gardens to visit

Barcelona: Parks and Gardens to visit parc munich 830x323

Lovers of nature or simply need to escape from your everyday life, Barcelona has many parks and gardens available for you to relax. We offer you today, five places to visit, whether you are visiting or resident of the city.…

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